University of Michigan Logistics, Transportation & Parking

The LT&P Department provides parking and transportation services to employees, students, departments and visitors at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campuses. We operate and maintain more than 27,000 parking spaces, provide campus bus service 360 days a year with roughly 60 buses serving 12 routes, maintain a fleet of approximately 1,000 vehicles of various types and uses, and offer vanpools and other alternative transportation options available to the campus community.

July 2016 F&O Organizational Changes

Material and moving services, inventory, and waste management services are now combined with Parking and Transportation Services. Read more details on the July 2016 F&O Organizational changes.

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What's New

Safe Passing Ordinance

Posted: 01/5/2017

As we move into a new year, we would like to you know about a new ordinance that takes effect on January 7, 2017 in the City of Ann Arbor. The new ordinance relates to drivers of motor vehicles and safe passing of bicyclists, pedestrians and persons in wheelchairs.

The ordinance requires the driver of the motor vehicle to pass at a safe distance which shall be at least 5 feet of separation between the side of the vehicle (including mirrors) and the bicyclist, pedestrian or person in wheelchair.

You can read about the new ordinance in this Ann Arbor City Notice.

Please share this information with the drivers in your organization who have a business need to drive on behalf of the University of Michigan.

Thank you as always for continuing to Make Blue Go.

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Passport Mobile Payment System Now Available at Visitor Parking Locations

Posted: 01/3/2017

In addition to coin and credit/debit cards, visitor parking locations with central pay machines now accept the Passport Mobile Payment system. The system allows users to pay parking fees from any internet-capable device - cell phone, tablet, PC or laptop - as well as by phone.

Passport is an industry leader in mobile payment applications and is in use at universities, municipalities and by private parking operators around the world.

To use the system, download the app to the device(s) of choice, complete the verification security process and enter your payment method. That's it! Then just enter the parking ZONE number (8636 = U of M), space number and duration of stay to establish a parking session.

Parking fees may now be paid from the comfort of your vehicle or en route to your destination rather than at the central payment machine! Other benefits include alerts to your device when parking . . .

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