Daily Rentals

Vehicles may be rented by departments for use by University faculty and staff to conduct University business both on and off campus. Vehicles may be rented for periods as short as one day, or as long as six years. Sponsored registered student organizations may rent U-M vehicles as long as there is a U-M business need to do so. These rentals must be approved by a dean or department head and include such activities as travel to conferences, competitions, field trips, or other appropriate educational opportunities that are relevant to current curriculum or U-M mission.

PTS has a fleet of sedans, minivans, and a small fleet of trucks available for daily rental. To reserve a vehicle for daily use, please use our daily rental reservation system. The minimum charge is one day for all daily rentals. A cancellation charge will be assessed when notification of the cancellation is less than 24 hours prior to the requested departure time. The cancellation charge is equal to one day charge for the type of vehicle reserved. Vehicle that are not returned by the time noted on the reservation will be assessed a late return fee equal to a two day charge for the type of vehicle reserved.

All daily rental vehicles must be picked up during Fleet Services normal business hours, Monday – Friday 6:30 am until 5:00 pm. If a vehicle is needed for the weekend, please pick up the vehicle on the proceeding Friday afternoon between 1:00 – 4:00 pm.


Only vehicles used for one or more months are billed at the monthly rate. All other rentals are billed at the daily rate with a minimum one day charge. All leases and rental rates include maintenance and insurance as part of the lease, but the lease rate does not include fuel.

Currrent daily vehicle lease rates are as follows:

Vehicle TypePassenger CapacityDaily Rental Rate
Sedan (non-hybrid)5$58.20
Sedan (hybrid)5$68.80
Compact Pick-up2 or 3$46.20
Full Size Pick-up3$33.95
Work Van2$26.53

All truck lease rates are based on the purchase price of the vehicle. Please contact PTS Fleet Services for information on truck leases.

All rates apply to the use of a vehicle and do not decrease with the vehicle's age nor increase with maintenance expense. If a vehicle is too old to be serviceable, it will be replaced during our normal replacement cycle.