General Information

Vehicle Replacement

Fleet Services determines when to replace a vehicle based on such factors as age, mileage, mechanical condition, and physical appearance. Typically, vehicles in the auto fleet are replaced every five years and vehicles in the truck fleet are replaced every six years. All rates apply to the use of a vehicle and neither decrease with the vehicle's age nor increase with maintenance expenses. If a vehicle is too old to be serviceable, it will be replaced during our normal replacement program.

Department-Owned Equipment

All department-owned equipment and vehicles must be identified and disclosed to Fleet Services to insure proper registration and insurance coverage. Motorized equipment and trailers that will be used on any street or highway need to be disclosed using the Department Owned Equipment Information form.


All U-M vehicles and equipment are registered and titled to the Regents of the University of Michigan. Licensing of equipment is done by Fleet Services and all vehicles and equipment are provided a municipal license plate. The one time fee for a municipal license plate is $15.00. Contact Fleet Services for issuance of the proper registration and licensing of your U-M vehicle or equipment.