Vehicle Use

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Fleet Services has created a new online system for checking motor vehicle records (MVR) items #5 and #7 of the vehicle operator policy. The online system will allow each operator to log in and create their own profile. This system will provide a more secure way to gather the information required for Fleet Services to obtain a driving record on behalf of the University of Michigan. It also provides a way to share your driving status with a single or multiple delegate(s).

The system requires authentication using your unique name and Kerberos password. Once your motor vehicle record has been checked, you and your selected delegate(s) will receive e-mail notification regarding your driving status at U-M. In addition, an e-mail notification will be sent to the operator for renewal once per year. Access the online system here.

For departments with a business need to check a driving record prior to employment, or for staff without access to U-M systems that would provide the staff member with a unique name and Kerberos password, please complete the Motor Vehicle Record Check form. This form can be completed and faxed to our office for staff without access or for job applicants.

University of Michigan (U-M) vehicle operator policy requires the following: Show moreShow less

  1. Operators must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Operators must be faculty, staff, students or contracted employees under the direct supervision of a U-M staff member.
  3. Operators must be authorized by the using department and adhere to the vehicle use and licensing policies.
  4. Operators must be properly licensed according to the laws of the State of Michigan and federal guidelines.
  5. Operators must have a valid driver license with no more than 6 points on their motor vehicle record based on the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code traffic violation point system. A valid driver license is those issued within the United States, Canada or an international driver license from the operator's country of origin. If the driver has an international driver license, the driver's license must be translated into English so Fleet Services can determine driver eligibility.
  6. Operators with 7 or more points on their MVR are not allowed to operate U-M vehicles.
  7. Departments are responsible to ensure operators have had their MVR checked at least yearly to determine driving eligibility. It is the department's responsibility to provide operator information to Fleet Services to facilitate MVR checks. Fleet Services will obtain a copy of the official MVR of the operator from the issuing state.
  8. Operators with restrictions on their driver license are required to notify their supervisor and abide by the restriction set forth by the issuing authority.
  9. Operators are required to report to their supervisor any medical condition that may affect their ability to safely operate a U-M vehicle.
  10. Only authorized passengers may ride in U-M vehicles. This may be faculty, staff, students, or guests of the University.
  11. Operators should refrain from using cell phones or personal listening devices while driving U-M vehicles. Often these activities can impede the operator's ability to focus on safely operating the vehicle.


Fleet vehicles fall into two different categories for parking on the Ann Arbor campus - Business and Service.

Business Vehicles are typically passenger-type vehicles, such as a sedans or minivans. They may be parked in any Business, Blue, Yellow or Orange parking spaces.

Service Vehicles are trucks which have a primary purpose supporting the maintenance and repair work for U-M buildings and grounds or the daily delivery of commodities, materials, or equipment. They may be parked in Service, Business, Blue, Yellow or Orange parking spaces. Service vehicle designation for your fleet vehicle requires a special permit. To apply for service vehicle designation, complete the Service Vehicle Parking Permit application. You will be notified by email if your application has been approved.

All fleet vehicles must be parked on U-M property (owned or leased) when not in use. Vehicle use exceptions to park in other locations must be approved in advance by the Executive Director of LTP.


Fuel station pumps

Fuel for University vehicles may be obtained at either of two on-campus service stations. The majority of University vehicles are equipped with an automated fuel system for easy use that tracks the vehicle number, approved fuel type, and current odometer reading.

The on-campus service stations are located at:

  • 1213 Kipke Drive (South Campus)
  • 3256 Baxter Road, across the street from the North Campus Plant Building and Property Disposition

To access the campus fuel stations for department owned equipment or to dispense fuel in approved containers (gas cans), there is a two part process. First, complete a Fuel Device Application to request access for the equipment or container. Then, complete an Employee Fuel Access form to authorize the employee to use the device. If a fuel device is stolen or lost, you can request a replacement.

Fuel is billed monthly.


The Office of Risk Management insures all U-M vehicles with a $750 deductible. Questions about insurance coverage and claims should be directed to 734-764-2200. The Vehicle Ownership Identification (blue card) is the vehicle’s registration and proof of insurance. The card may be found in the glove compartment of your fleet vehicle.


The driver of a U-M vehicle is responsible for all moving and parking violations incurred while operating the vehicle.


In the case of an accident or alleged accident, completion of a Drivers Report of Vehicle Damage or Public Incident is required. This is in addition to any reports filed by the U-M Police department or any police department. Completed forms should be returned to Fleet Services. In the absence of an report, the full cost of the vehicle damage repair will be charged to the using department.