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Parking and Transportation News

Wall Street East Parking Structure Now Open

The new Wall Street East parking structure is now open. The deck provides 725 parking spaces on six levels for Blue and Gold permit holders. It is enforced 24-hours on weekdays from 6AM Monday through 1AM Saturday morning. A covered sidewalk is located along Maiden Lane and a covered bus waiting area is located on the west end of the site. Nielsen Court was extended between Maiden Lane and Wall Street to provide improved vehicular circulation.

Bus service to the medical campus is provided via two new services:

The Wall Street Express bus provides 15-minute service from the parking structure (both east and west ends) to the Cancer Center, University Hospital/Taubman Center, Children's and Women's hospitals and Cardiovascular Center from 5:15AM - 6:00AM and 7:00PM - 1:07AM, weekdays. See Route Map and Schedule for more details.

The Wall Street-NIB bus provides increased service frequency to medical campus during peak hours and also serves the North Ingalls buildings. It runs every 11 minutes during peak times (6AM - 10AM and 3PM - 7PM). During non-peak hours (10AM - 3PM) it runs every 22 minutes. See Route Map and Schedule for more details.

The deck utilizes new energy efficient lighting, Limelight ™, that will turn off selected lamps in each fixture or entire fixtures based on natural light levels. In addition, the fixtures have motion detection sensors that allow lights to be turned off during idle periods and will reactivate lights as vehicles or people approach.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are located at the top of the ramp from level 1 to level 2. Activation is in progress; availability is anticipated by Monday July 14th. Note that these spaces are intended for EVs only and are time limited to 4 hours per park.

A rain garden to capture storm water is located on the east end of the deck, with installation still in progress.

The location of the deck in the heart of Ann Arbor's 'Lower Town' district provided a unique opportunity to showcase the rich history of this area. In collaboration with local historians, a series of art panels have been developed that depict the evolution of the area, and are being installed around the structure.

Posted: 07/7/2014