Transit Alert - Girls on the Run 5K 2017

ID: 59
Affected Routes: Northwood
Starts: 05/21/2017, 08:30:00
Ends: 05/21/2017, 11:00:00


This Sunday Northwood will be on detour from 8:45 am until 10:45 am.

Outbound Northwood:

Regular route to Fuller

Left on Maiden Lane

Right on Plymouth

Right on Beal

Right on Beal (again)

Serve Fire station

Left on Beal

Right on Plymouth

Right on Huron Parkway

Left on Hubbard

Right on Stone

Serve Northwood V


Inbound Northwood:

Left on Hubbard

Left on Huron Parkway

Right on Glazier Way

Right on Fuller

Resume regular route at Mitchell Field