Access Cards

Card-reader/displays are installed in at least one set of entry and exit lanes per structure that use UMID or system cards to activate gates. Display panels convey messages to the user about the status of their parking access.

To use an access card:

  • The card must be face up (photo or picture facing the driver), with the magnetic stripe inside and to the right of the reader head.
  • Position the card at the top of the reader and swipe the entire magnetic stripe through the reader (top to bottom) in a downward motion.
  • Applying slight pressure to the stripe side of the card when swiping ensures good contact with the reader head. This is especially helpful if your card is bowed.

Access Problems

If you experience problems while using an access card, contact the AVI Assistance Line at (734) 763-5555 or Parking Customer Services at (734) 764-8291.