Parking System Colored Tiers

The parking system is tiered and color-coded. Each tier is priced progressively higher, reflecting the parking proximity to campus core areas and user convenience. Higher-tier permits are valid in locations with lower-tier permit requirements, that is, Yellow permits are valid in Orange locations, and so on.

Orange Parking

Orange parking is remote, located on the periphery of the north and south campuses. Bus service is provided to campus core areas.

Valid permits: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Gold.

Yellow Parking

Yellow parking is located on campus edges within a moderate walking distance to campus core areas.

Valid permits: Yellow, Blue, Gold.

Blue Parking

Blue parking is located in the heart of core campus areas. All structures are tiered Blue parking.

Valid permits: Blue, Gold.

Gold Parking

Gold parking is located in structures and lots on all campuses, based on user need.

Valid permits: Gold.