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Services for Persons with Disabilities

The University campus is accessible to all people. Parking and Transportation Services offers programs specifically for individuals with disabilities.

Riding the Bus

All campus shuttles and buses and the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) buses are lift-equipped. Please let the bus driver know if you need assistance boarding.

Paratransit Service

Transportation Services offers curb to curb Paratransit services for students, faculty and staff (clients) that are pre-qualified through the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

This is a year round service that operates on weekdays only. Off peak and overflow rides are provided through a contracted vendor (currently Blue Cab of Ann Arbor). Rides are provided within a .75 radius of the Ann Arbor campuses as well as The East Ann Arbor Health Centers and Dominos Farms satellite facilities. Pick-up times can be scheduled as early as 7:40 A.M. to as late as 10:30 P.M.

To sign up for these services, contact the SSD office at (734) 763-3000 to receive authorization. SSD will send this information to Paratransit. When this step is completed, contact the Paratransit Office to set up your scheduled rides. The Paratransit Office is open from 8:00 A.M. through 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Accessible Parking

The University campus is accessible to all people. Accessible parking is provided in University lots and structures as follows:

Faculty, Staff, Temporaries, and Students

To use accessible (handicap-designated) parking during enforcement hours, your vehicle must display:

Although the University has strict criteria on whom may purchase a U-M parking permit, it is waived for faculty, staff, temporaries and students with disabilities who possess a state-issued placard/license plate. For assistance in obtaining the proper permits, contact Parking Customer Services at (734) 764-8291 or umpark@umich.edu.

Guest and Visitors

Accessible parking is available in all metered and cashier-attended parking areas. A state-issued disability placard/license plate must be displayed. Payment of the prevailing hourly parking fee is expected, unless the individual's state-issued disability placard/license plate has a special "Free Parking" decal.

If a guest or visitor wishes to park in the University's Blue, Yellow or Orange parking areas during enforcement hours, they may contact the U-M department hosting their visit for assistance or contact Parking Customer Services at (734) 764-8291 to purchase a daily parking permit.


Accessible parking is available in all patient parking areas. The prevailing hourly fees apply. The only exception is for individuals with a "Free Parking" decal affixed to their state-issued disability placard/license plate.

Students with Disabilities (All Class Levels)

Accessible (handicap-designated) parking is provided in University lots and structures in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students with disabilities may have access to faculty and staff parking areas. To authorize use of the accessible spaces, display of a state of Michigan Disability parking placard/license plate, UM Verification decal and applicable UM parking permit is required during enforcement hours.

All UM students with disabilities will be required to obtain a State of Michigan Disability parking placard/license plate before access to University faculty and staff parking areas will be provided. For students whose primary residence is out of state, it will be necessary to consult a Michigan-based physician in order to complete the State of Michigan Disabled Parking Placard application. The completed application may be mailed or hand-carried to any Michigan Secretary of State office for issuance of the disabled parking placard.

To obtain the University permit and Verification decal, students must be registered for classes and present their Student Identification card, driver's license and State of Michigan Disability parking placard/license plate to the Parking Customer Services' office. Once ownership of the state permit is verified, a free static-cling style verification permit and a University permit will be issued for the duration of the disability or the period of time that the student is on campus, whichever is more applicable. There is no charge to the student for the permits. When parked in a University parking area, all three permits must be on display: state Disability parking placard/license plate, UM verification decal and permit.

When used in conjunction, the permits are valid in all color-coded locations except Gold (controlled parking) and Red (visitor parking.) Please note all University structures are gate-controlled; therefore, the student's Mcard will be programmed to provide access. If parking meters or cashier-attended areas are used, and the state Disability parking permit/license plate does not specify free parking, the meter or cashier fees must be paid.

Accessible Parking Assistance Program

We recognize that the accessible parking provided in University lots and structures may not meet all needs. The Accessible Parking Assistance Program was created to assist those faculty, staff, temporaries or students with exceptional needs.

To apply for special consideration, you must complete a Petition for Accessible Parking Assistance form available upon request by calling (734) 647-8056 or e-mailing umpark@umich.edu. (Please note: a portion of the form must also be completed by your physician.) Completed forms should be returned to Parking & Transportation Services, which will coordinate review of the petition by the Accessible Parking Assistance team. The team comprises faculty and staff representatives from the University community, who will approve special arrangements or identify alternatives. Parking & Transportation Services is not represented on this team.