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Vehicle Leasing

Vehicles may be leased or rented by departments for use by University faculty and staff to conduct University business both on and off campus. Vehicles may be rented for periods as short as one day, or as long as five years. Sponsored registered student organizations may rent U-M vehicles as long as there is a U-M business need to do so. These rentals must be approved by a dean or department head and include such activities as travel to conferences, competitions, field trips or other appropriate educational opportunities that are relevant to current curriculum or U-M mission.

After completing a Transportation Services Requisition for Vehicle Reservation and having it signed by an authorized signer for the U-M shortcode to be charged, please fax it to 763-1470, or mail to Transportation Services, 1213 Kipke Drive, campus zip 2002. For your convenience, please call in advance to see if a vehicle is available for the day that it is needed; 764-3427.

All vehicles must be picked up during office hours. No vehicles may be picked up on Saturday or Sunday. If a vehicle is needed for the weekend, please note on the requisition what day it will be used but that it will be picked up on Friday between 3-5 pm. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 6:30 am - 5:00 pm.

All rates apply to the use of a vehicle and do not decrease with the vehicle's age nor increase with maintenance expense. If a vehicle is too old to be serviceable, it will be replaced during our normal replacement program. University vehicles are to be used exclusively for University business and must be parked on University property (owned or leased) when not in use. Under no circumstances may a University vehicle be taken home.

Please note: Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in University vehicles.

UM Business Vehicles

University "Business" vehicles, typically sedans or mini-vans, are available for monthly or annual lease, and a pool of vehicles is maintained for daily rental. To lease a vehicle, phone 764-2485.

Pool Vehicles

To order a pool vehicle for short-term use, complete and submit a Transportation Services Requisition for Vehicle Reservation. A limited number of vehicles are available; therefore, it is highly recommended that applicants confirm the availability of a vehicle for the day needed by phoning 764-2485.

UM Service Vehicles

University "Service" vehicles are typically trucks or vans that are used exclusively for the maintenance and repair of University buildings or grounds. These vehicles may be ordered for long-term lease only. To lease a vehicle, phone 764-3427.

Temporary and Yearly Leases

Departments that wish to lease a vehicle on a yearly lease should submit a memo along with a Transportation Services Requisition for Vehicle Reservation to the Fleet Services, attention: Renee Jordan.

  • Purpose of the lease
  • List of drivers
  • Requested length of lease
  • Where the vehicle would be parked after hours
  • Account number to be charged


Only vehicles used for one or more months are billed at the monthly rate. All other rentals are billed at the daily rate. All temporary leases are billed in advance for the total period of the lease. Yearly leases are billed monthly in advance.

All leases and rental rates do not include fuel. Fuel charges for each vehicle are billed on a monthly basis.

Passenger Vehicles Passenger Capacity Daily Rental Rates Monthly Lease Rates
Sedan (non-hybrid) 5 $43.50 $435.00
Sedan (hybrid) 5 $51.00 $510.00
Minivan 7 $46.50 $465.00
Compact Pick-up 2 or 3 $38.00 $380.00


  • Minimum charge is one day.
  • A cancellation charge equivalent to the daily rate for the type of vehicle reserved is assessed when notification of cancellation is less than 24 hours prior to requisitioned departure time.
  • Vehicles that are not picked up within 2 hours of requisitioned departure time can be reassigned.
  • Late return of vehicles (vehicle not returned by the date and time noted on the reservation) will be charged twice the daily rental rate for the type of vehicle reserved for each day the vehicle is late.
  • All rates include maintenance and insurance.
  • In case of accident, a $250 deductible will be charged to the department leasing the vehicle.
  • All auto and truck lease rates do not include fuel.

There is a small fleet of trucks available for local trips. Please contact our office for lease rates and vehicle availability.

Compact pickups are available for monthly rentals. These are Chevrolet S-10 or Ford Ranger style vehicles with air conditioning.

Trucks are subject to a commitment by the department for the entire lease period. The standard lease for most trucks is five years.


Please see the Maintenance and Insurance page for more information.

Vehicle Fueling

Fuel for University vehicles may be obtained at two on-campus service stations. The majority of University vehicles are equipped with an automated fuel system for easy use that tracks the vehicle number, approved fuel type and current odometer reading.

  • 1213 Kipke Drive (South Campus)
  • Baxter Road, across from the North Campus Plant Bldg. (North Campus)

Fuel is billed monthly.